A preview of How We Helped: Stories From Eastern Ontario Social Workers

Part 1 – Growing our Practice: Education, Professionalization, & the Fight for Recognition

In the first part of How We Helped, we explore the Eastern Branch’s early days, its contributions to social work educational programs in Ottawa, and the push for certification and the establishment the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Services Workers.

Part 2A Human Touch: The People of Social Work

In this episode, we try to answer two key questions: who goes into social work? And what motivates them throughout their career?

Part 3Strength in Numbers: Building a Social Work Community

In this episode, we talk about the Eastern Branch’s role in creating a community of social work in the region and the support provided to members.

Part 4The Desire to Help: The Eastern Branch and Social Issues

In this episode, we explore how social workers in Eastern Ontario have addressed some of the biggest social issues over the past 85 years.

Part 5Raising our Voice: Advocacy and the Eastern Branch

In this episode, we explore the Eastern Branch’s advocacy efforts and some of their most effective advocacy strategies.

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